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I’m Sarah, an Australian living in London who’s trying to live more intentionally and limit my impact on mama earth.
According to indigenous Australians, humans are connected to the earth in a spiritual way and rely on her for overall health, wellbeing, and prosperity.
The first Australians have an indescribable connection to the land and care for it as though it’s family – a concept which guides me on my journey to sustainability.
As individuals, we make choices every day that affect our planet. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of one and encourage others to take small sustainable steps for the sake of the earth.
Through my little corner on the internet, I hope to inspire others to develop their connection with the earth by cultivating a sustainable lifestyle and making choices that can, quite literally, change the world over their lifetime.
I’d love for you to join my sustainable community – no overbearing judgement, nastiness or climate superiority complexes allowed!

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