The history of Earth Day and how to celebrate it sustainably

The history of Earth Day is an interesting one. Especially as we all know that Earth Day is pretty much like Christmas for environmentalists. It’s a time where many communities, governments and businesses evaluate their impact on the environment and create solutions to how we can do better. While there’s a lot of positive environmental […]

Create a minimalist seasonal capsule wardrobe in one hour

A capsule wardrobe is exactly what it sounds like: an intentional collection of clothing pieces that allows you to create various outfits and styles. In many parts of the world, what you wear in winter is very different from what you sport in Summer. Therefore, it makes sense to create seasonal capsule wardrobes to decrease […]

Is glass sustainable? Why glass is BAD for the environment

As the world collectively looks to ditch plastic, you may be asking yourself “But, is glass sustainable?” And rightly so. There’s a reason packaging shifted towards favouring plastic. Namely, it’s cheap to make, lightweight, durable and easy to transport – all of the things glass is not!  Find out why glass is bad for the […]

17 lessons I learnt from reading There Is No Planet B by Mike Berners-Lee

“There is no Planet B” is a famous quote from Stephen Hawking. But it’s also the name of a great environmental handbook written by Mike Berners-Lee. It’s a great read if you’re interested in finding out exactly how we can stop catastrophic climate change.  It’s also full of tangible action steps that individuals, politicians and business-owners […]

How to make oat flour (one ingredient, one minute, plastic-free)

Oat flour is a great substitution for wheat flour that you can easily make with an ingredient you likely have in the cupboard: oats! This whole grain is naturally gluten-free, full of fibre and has many vitamins and minerals. Oats are also an environmentally-friendly choice. This article is part of the plastic-free food essentials series:  […]

How to make hemp milk that doesn’t separate (secret ingredient!)

Hemp milk is quickly fighting its way to the top of the non-dairy milk ladder. This is due to its stellar nutritional profile, sustainable credentials and vegan nature. But there are two big problems when it comes to buying pre-made hemp milk:  It’s usually pretty pricey  It often comes in single-use packaging That said, packaged […]

Egg substitutes and other easy cooking ingredient swaps

Any seasoned home cook knows the frustration of getting halfway through preparing a recipe before reaching for an ingredient, only to realise it’s not there. Meanwhile, another major source of annoyance is shopping for recipe ingredients and finding the store you’re in is missing just one key ingredient.  Recipe-specific ingredients can also lead to food […]

My sustainable weekly routine

If you’re trying to save the world (even one step at a time), the most effective way to stay consistent is to form a sustainable weekly routine. Occasionally remembering your reusable water bottle is great, every little bit counts. But using your water bottle each and every day can save thousands of tonnes of plastic […]

My sustainable evening routine

Organisation is one of the most important factors of living low impact and more sustainably. Just like my eco-friendly morning routine, this sustainable evening routine comprises of two main areas: preparation for the (next) day and beauty. It’s difficult to avoid wasteful emissions and single-use disposables without some sort of planning the night before, even […]

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