Vampire standby power usage and how to stop it

As technology and devices become more and more prevalent, it’s leading to an increase in standby power usage, also known as a vampire or phantom load. Standby power usage is the electricity an appliance consumes when it may appear off. It can account for as much as 10% of a household’s annual electricity bill and […]

My sustainable morning routine

I have a fascination with knowing other people’s morning routines. Some people read celebrity gossip, I scour the internet trying to find out what strangers do when they wake. It began a few years ago when I read that Tony Robbin’s attributes much of his success to his morning routine. Morning routines have always been […]

99 things I no longer buy since becoming a minimalist

I haven’t always been a minimalist. For the first 22 years of my life, I was drowning in stuff. I had a walk-in closet with too many pairs of high heels that were uncomfortable and unworn, as well as drawers of musty clothes that never saw the light of day. Weekends were spent either shopping for […]

How I made my office more sustainable

Making my office more sustainable was easier than I thought it would be. Because employers are under mounting pressure to provide greener workplaces, they’re more likely to succumb if their employees demand it. After beginning my sustainability journey a few months ago, I began noticing all the waste my London office was producing. From mountains […]

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