My sustainable evening routine

My eco-friendly and sustainable evening routine that's good for the planet

Organisation is one of the most important factors of living low impact and more sustainably. Just like my eco-friendly morning routine, this sustainable evening routine comprises of two main areas: preparation for the (next) day and beauty.

It’s difficult to avoid wasteful emissions and single-use disposables without some sort of planning the night before, even if it’s just remembering to pack your water bottle and a metal straw.

Meanwhile, most conventional beauty and hygiene products also feature devastating ingredients such as palm oil and synthetic toxins. This means we need to pay close attention to our nightly self-care routines so we’re not harming the earth.

If you’re also low-key obsessed with the evening routines of others like I am, here’s a sneak peek into what you can typically find me doing come nightfall. This sustainable evening routine is good for me and for the planet!

8.00 P.M.

I wear blue-light-blocking glasses in the evening to stop my sleep from being disrupted. When I wear them for a few hours, especially if I’m using screens, they help me feel tired earlier. From 8pm, I turn the big lights off in my house and use lamps and other smaller lights.

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8.45 P.M.

Tomorrow’s food: I ensure my meal prepped food and snacks are in reuseable containers and ready to grab in the morning.

Outfit prep: Next I set out my clothes, shoes and socks for the next day; most are second-hand, old or sustainably made. I re-wear most of my clothes 2-3 times before washing to extend their life and limit microplastics from being released during washing. My once or twice worn clothes hang on a hook inside-out from the last wear.

9.00 P.M.

Showering: I try to keep daily showers to two minutes or eight minutes if I’m washing my hair.

Skincare: While showering, I cleanse my face with organic rosehip oil (in glass) for two-ish minutes. I use a cotton cleansing cloth to wipe the oil off and lightly exfoliate (no microbeads welcome).

I dry off with a 100% cotton towel that I wash weekly before applying my homemade Apple Cider Vinegar toner with a reusable makeup round. Meanwhile, I chew up a Georganics toothpaste tab (zero plastic) and brush my teeth with cold water using a bamboo toothbrush.

Once the toner has dried, I apply The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum, which comes in glass. To finish, I apply their Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA, both of which have no synthetic fragrance.

I brush my hair using a boar bristle brush which distributes the oils from your scalp to the ends. My hair usually gets washed every three days (sometimes longer because I’m disgusting). From the second day onwards, I braid my hair for bed; just one or two braids, nothing fancy.

How to form evening routines that are eco-friendly and sustainable including using bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo bars, reuseable cotton rounds and more!

9.30 P.M.

I follow this evening routine I’ve created on the Morning Routine app:

  • Journaling – 10 minutes
  • Plan for tomorrow – 5 minutes
  • Read a book – 15 minutes

10.00 P.M.

I place my phone on airplane mode and plug it in to charge. I play a podcast when falling asleep to quieten my brain – remember to put a timer on so it switches off before the loud outro music plays!

I’m forever trying to make myself go to bed earlier, something that certainly does not come naturally to me. Apart from the health benefits of sleeping and rising with sunlight, it’s also a sustainable choice. Sleeping when its dark requires less electricity for lighting, the very same lighting that disrupts our sleep.

This sustainable evening routine allows me to organise myself for the next day while limiting plastic waste, avoiding toxic ingredients and conserving resources. These might seem like small actions, but imagine how much money, carbon and plastic you can save over the course of a month, year, decade and lifetime. A sustainable evening routine is almost the definition of a small step to living more sustainably.

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