How I made my office more sustainable

Making my office more sustainable was easier than I thought it would be. Because employers are under mounting pressure to provide greener workplaces, they’re more likely to succumb if their employees demand it.

After beginning my sustainability journey a few months ago, I began noticing all the waste my London office was producing. From mountains of disposable cups to milk in tiny plastic bottles, I knew I had to at least try to do something. 

Here is the step-by-step process of how I helped to make my office building more sustainable. Don’t forget to pin it for later!

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Find the person in charge of facilities/building management

Depending on the size of your office or organisation, this could be an individual or a team. If you’re not sure who to contact, ask your office manager or receptionist who is responsible for facilities management. 

Step up to a face-to-face meeting

Once you find this person, shoot them an email to introduce yourself and explain your interest in sustainability. Also ask them if they’re open for a meeting to chat sustainability and include some possible times and dates. Don’t forget to send a meeting invite so it’s on the calendar. 

Prepare for your sustainability meeting

Write some notes about a few unsustainable practices you’ve seen around the office, possible solutions and their costs (or better yet, savings!). Also, research free, low-cost and larger investment sustainability solutions that could work in your space, you can find a list here. 

Create a document ahead of your meeting

Create a list with your top three ideas, their cost and the action steps involved in implementing them and send the document to your facilities contact ahead of the meeting. 

Meet your new facilities friend

Begin your discussion by asking what they know about sustainability practices and what is already being done in your workplace. After that, determine whether they have an interest in sustainability or if you’re wasting your time.

Move to the pitch

If you’re with a like-minded (or at least open-minded) individual, begin discussing your ideas one a time while focusing on the cost and resource benefits. Above all, finding ways to save money will get a facilities manager on your side! 

Agree on action steps and deadlines

At the end of the meeting, you should jot down two or three points you agreed on and deadlines you were able to solidify. 

Follow up 

Everyone is busy all of the time. If you don’t see any action taken by your agreed deadlines, send a friendly follow up email. On the other hand, if you do see change, send a thank you email. 


Create a sustainability team with like-minded colleagues. There’s strength in numbers! 

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Start small and focus on problems with simple solutions that’s won’t require someone to spend money (you can find plenty of free sustainable office ideas here). As you’re able to work together to take small sustainable steps, you can begin to use that momentum (and proven savings) to propose larger sustainability solutions that may take some investment. Above all, be sure to advertise your hard work to your colleagues and management to bring attention to your local fight against climate change. 

One last thing, pop on over to my Pinterest page to find more of my sustainable office ideas.

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