Oat pulp banana bread balls

Oat pulp recipes have become my new culinary staple. Considering I make about 1-2L of oat milk per week, I’ve got a lot of oat pulp leftover to experiment with! Just in case you don’t already know, oat pulp is the gooey, gluggy mess leftover from straining homemade oat milk. Why should you make your own […]

Oat pulp chocolate brownies

Oat pulp is the gooey gluggy mess leftover from straining homemade oat milk. Any non-dairy milk is a more sustainable choice than dairy. However, most store-bought non-dairy milk comes in single-use plastic or difficult-to-recycle cartons. Buying non-dairy milk is essentially paying for water as water is the top ingredient in most brands! If you’ve begun […]

12 ways to use oat pulp leftover from making homemade oat milk

Oat pulp is the leftover gooey mess that remains after homemade oat milk has been strained. If you’ve stopped paying for water and started avoiding single-use packaging, you’ve probably begun making your own non-dairy milk at home. That’s good news for the planet because oat milk is one of the easiest, cheapest and most environmentally-friendly […]

4 ingredient oat milk that doesn’t separate

Making oat milk that doesn’t separate is as easy as throwing three natural, cheap and sustainable ingredients in a blender. Skip the single-use packaging of store-bought non-dairy milk and stop paying for water with this easy oat milk recipe. Why is oat milk mainly water? If you’ve ever glanced at the ingredient list of any […]

How to make oat flour (one ingredient, one minute, plastic-free)

Oat flour is a great substitution for wheat flour that you can easily make with an ingredient you likely have in the cupboard: oats! This whole grain is naturally gluten-free, full of fibre and has many vitamins and minerals. Oats are also an environmentally-friendly choice. This article is part of the plastic-free food essentials series:  […]

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